Friday, October 2, 2020

Life is Death & We're All Implicated

This is perhaps the biggest of the many questions we ask: 'What is Life?'
Of course, no one has the answer, it's all just guesswork.
Perhaps by starting at the opposite end we can find clarity. So, what is death?
We can't really understand life without thinking about death, or the absence of physical movement and self-expression.
Now this may sound a bit morbid but I had a bit of a eureka moment when I realised that life and death stand together at the same door. 
Life-Death Twins
These two, life and death, actually are the door - entry into and exit from, our physical incarnation. They are twins who cannot survive without the other.

Friday, July 31, 2020

The Love Story of Redemption

The word 'redemption' seems to carry a religious connotation that turns a lot of us off.
But the real meaning is 'to redeem' or 'get back what was lent'.
In the context of this article, redemption is the love story of light getting back itself - a tiny part that was lent out to assist another.
We could say that this is the love story of our own lives, of our planet and of the solar system and universe.
It's what sharing is - lending light so that others may benefit. 
Light is the source of all life and how we make things manifest, say the sacred texts.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

When Desire is Gone, What is Left?

According to the Buddhist teachings, our task is to become desireless. 
This means we extinguish the three fires of greed, aversion and ignorance.
These are also called poisons because they are the cause of our slow decay to eventual death of physical life.
But if we can rise above these desires we will reach Nirvana or Samsara, and end the cycle of rebirth.
This is really a state of desirelessness or the end of craving - so goodbye caffeine, chocolate, red wine, most food for a start.
Now, I have achieved this state, and yes, it was quite Zen.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Is Your Discontent Divine?

Have you heard the phrase, 'divine discontent'?
It raises discontent to another level. A bit like adding petrol to a fire.
Perhaps that sounds like a bad idea but, discontent without being divine is only discontent.
It is just another one of those personal issues we have to deal with like insatiable desire, or untreatable pain.
Divine discontent is taking the usual stuff we fret over (yes with good reason it's horrible to suffer), and taking it to another level.
The level of the soul. This is where divine discontent resides.
It is actually the soul's discontent with our attempts at being human
Dumbing it Down
Now, there's a lot of attractive New Age ideas around that I don't subscribe to. Like, don't be hard on yourself (yes keep asking yourself, is this as good as I can do?)
Or, you don't have to be better than you are, you are perfect already (yes we do have to be better and no, we aren't perfect, we are not here to get a great body but a great connection with our soul).
And other trite sayings that let us off the hook for a while so we don't have to feel we should be doing something more, that we don't need to feel the pain of the world because it's not my pain.
Okay many of you won't agree and have closed this post but it's worth reading to the end.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturn, Uranus & The Rainbow Bridge

I had a dream last night that I was in a canoe with an indigenous American. He was paddling the canoe over water yet we were crossing a bridge - I recognised it as made of seven colours.
When I woke I knew the bridge symbolised the rainbow bridge of many traditions. Also called the Antahkarana bridge we build within ourselves to link our lower selves and our soul.
I'm going to write a little of what I understand from this dream which was like a culmination of years of study, research, living and testing the wisdom teachings across cultures and time.
Never will I say I fully know, understand or practice what I write. I am just a struggling human same as you.
Saturn & Uranus

Friday, July 3, 2020

Devas, Nature Spirits & Your Favourite Things

Why do we love the world and all the things we can touch, smell, taste, hear and see?
It's because we are in love with our other half - the devas and nature spirits.
These are the mostly, unseen entities that make everything we know about our physical, emotional and mental worlds.
When we smell a flower we are breathing in the perfume of a nature spirit, when we admire the sparkling light from a crystal we are seeing the dancing deva and when we stroke our pet dog or cat we are communing with its own deva, its animal soul. 
Many of us know this or at least, we sense it, feel it, instinctively.
We may have an animal totem. The indigenous peoples like the Native Americans knew this.
We know that things, minerals, plants and animals are not inanimate matter, they are alive and throbbing with evolutionary consciousness.
Ancient Wisdom

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Why Democracy is Like Our Soul

I live in a democracy in Australia. Arguably one of the most well functioning, multicultural democracies in the world.
I feel grateful to live here in this relatively new experiment in democracy mixed with capitalism mixed with socialism trying to embrace many cultural and religious differences.
It's interesting to see how it all works, somehow, reasonably peaceably. No guns here helps us live with little fear, and this helps our police function because they aren't hyper-fearful they will be in a gun battle with the people they are trying to apprehend.
Sure we have problems with our police - they get petty power from their position and misuse it. That's a challenge for anyone associating their identity with their organisation, their badge, their position or role in society.
Generally though, we are educated to obey the country's laws and we can challenge them at the ballot box, through local councils, forming groups, associations and tribes, online through social media, virtual meetings, or offline chatting over a coffee.
If you feel disenfranchised or pissed off, there are ways to protest and change the system but it's slow, laborious and stacked against you.
Democracy is Messy